The Project

A flagship 55 kton second generation (2G) biorefinery for Europe.

Development Phases

  1. A flagship 55 kton second generation biorefinery to produce cellulosic ethanol for EU biofuel mandates
  1. Paving the way for second stage investment for biorefinery scale-up to 110 kton – the largest in Europe

Work Packages

BIOSKOH has eight work packages:

Work package 1 will oversee the project management of BIOSKOH. Energochemica is the work package leader and will oversee reporting, administration, risk management and meeting preparation.

Work package 2 will provide the BIOSKOH biorefinery with sufficient quantities of sustainable biomass to reach full scale flagship deployment. The socio-environmental impacts on the rights and safety of land owners, farmers and farm workers will be taken into consideration. It is led by Agriconsulting.  

Work package 3 will use the biomass supply plan, following the implementation of work package 2, to fine-tune the technologies for the selected feedstock. Trials will be run on agro residues. The most promising feedstocks types will be processed at pilot scale and will be screened at lab scale for ethanol conversion.

Work package 4 will oversee the start-up of BIOSKOH’s flagship biorefinery, including testing and equipment start-up. It will be led by Energochemica.

Work package 5 will realise all of BIOSKOH’s four Innovation Stepping Stones at full scale through demonstration of the integrated biorefinery. This work package will also collect agricultural waste and dedicated crops for its bioethanol production. It is led by Energochemica. 

Work package 6 will provide life cycle assessment (LCA), socio economic analysis (SEA) and further validation for the project. Together, its activities will evaluate the biorefinery and the economic feasibility of a second stage investment to double production capacity. It is led by Imperial College London.

Work package 7 will focus on dissemination, communication and exploitation. It is led by Sustainability Consult and will include guidelines for using and disseminating the knowledge gained during the project’s lifetime.

Work package 8 will set out the ethics requirements for BIOSKOH to comply with.