To establish an advanced European bioeconomy and transition towards a sustainable future, Europe needs to boost the sustainable conversion of renewable biomass into bio-based products, chemicals and energy. Currently, there are no true full-scale producers of second generation (2G) bioethanol in Europe. BIOSKOH aims to change this through research and innovation.

Core Project Aims

  1. Establish a first of a kind biorefinery flagship for Europe in terms of size and innovation potential
  1. Demonstrate a regional bio-based value chain, helping farmers to diversify business and create new opportunities. Exploit currently under-used resources by introducing farmers to innovative ways to use biomass
  1. Improve regional infrastructure. Substantial storage and shipment facilities will need to be established for agricultural products and BIOSKOH will make these facilities available to local farmers and businesses
  1. Support cross-industry collaboration between the agro-industry, bio-based, chemical and energy industries
  1. Validate and optimise several design and process solutions which are already proven at pilot/demo scale which need to be upscaled and integrated into a bioeconomy value chain
  1. Create an estimated 160 direct and 500 indirect jobs (in both energy and biotechnology) across the value chain, from feedstock production and processing, supply chain logistics, up to bioethanol production and side-stream valorisation
  1. Share a summary of the project’s sustainable business model, including how it used Innovation Stepping Stones to build techno-economic viability